AGUIRA PRO HAIR FOOD (HAIR MASK) FOR SMOOTHING & HEALTHY HAIR AGIFORA is the perfect solution to help you achieve smooth and healthy hair. The formula, infused with royal jelly, vitamin B5, green tea, and other natural herbs, targets four main issues that damage your hair – dryness, breakage, split ends, and frizz. AGUIRA PRO hair food promotes hair growth and helps to maintain healthy hair. Add conditioner if you want a softer volume and shinier look, but never add any product to the mask.

Equisetum Arvense extract

Aguira Pro is a new product of AG Hair that includes ingredients extracted from Horse Tail (Equisetum Arvense) to feed and strengthen hair. The most prevalent element in the cosmetic product is Laminarin.

Laminarin is natural sugar in marine algae, is the key ingredient that protects damaged hair, and it is safe to use on color-treated hair or dry hair.

Professional formula

Aguira is a series of professional hairdressing that combines high technology and innovation. It has become a reference in the sector, used by numerous professionals and in more than 60 countries worldwide. Our Protein Hairstyle Treatment is used for smoothing hair and giving shine, filling the gaps in rough, damaged hair, and strengthening each strand. In combination with a macadamia oil complex, Gold Keratin provides intense hydration without weighing down. The treatment contains ingredients that protect thermal treatments up to 230 ° C and external agents such as chlorine in swimming pools. Suitable for all hair types, it maintains its properties even after 30 applications. Ideal for all types of users: professionals hairdressers and consumers.


The AGUIRA PRO HAIR FOOD (HAIR MASK) FOR SMOOTHING & HEALTHY HAIR AGIFORA  is perfect for softening, smoothing, and brightening your hair with a pleasant feel of silk. It has an excellent moisturizer effect that gives the hair moisture that penetrates the hair’s core without stickiness. In addition, this mask helps revitalize and strengthen damaged hair, giving it a healthy and glossy shine with exceptional smoothness.

Best repairer

AGUIRA PRO HAIR FOOD (HAIR MASK) FOR SMOOTHING & HEALTHY HAIR AGIFORA – A hair mask will help improve the structure of your hair fiber and restore it from the inside out. This formula helps to strengthen hair giving it a soft and shiny look.

Full of nutrients, natural oils

AGUIRA PRO HAIR FOOD (HAIR MASK) FOR SMOOTHING & HEALTHY HAIR AGIFORA provides an exclusive combination of highly concentrated botanicals to nourish the hair, leaving it smooth and with a healthy shine. High molecular proteins deeply penetrate the hair shaft, stimulating the scalp and promoting strength & elasticity. Extra-virgin olive oil delivers hair-healthy nutrients that help achieve optimum protection for long-lasting smoothness & radiance. Vegetable proteins offer protection without compromising hair quality or hairstyle flexibility.


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