N5 Parfum Style hair mask will fix the damage that has been done to your hair. This hydrating and nourishing mask will pamper your hair from root to tip with its proprietary blend of 5 natural oils, including Argan, Olive, Jojoba, Macadamia, and Coconut, to add shine and hydration back to the hair.

N5 Parfum Style Hair Mask with seven precious elements for every hair. Natural Marine Amino Acid softens and smoothes your damaged hair. Containing Apricot Kernel Oil, Argan Oil, Madarin Orange Oil, and African Baobab Extract, Vitamin A&E (Tocopherol) nourishes and fortifies weak, lifeless hair. Pro-Vitamin B5 prevents moisture loss. The mild formula can be used on all hair types and lengths.

N5 is the fifth generation of parfum mask; this hair mask contains advanced formula ingredients with multi-function, such as protein repairing and nourishing, moisturizing and repairing moisture, to the deep nourish hair shaft, strengthen the hair root and improve hair flexibility. It helps keep your hair tender and beautiful. N5 parfum style professional hair mask 750g pack can be used continuously for one month, and it is better to apply 1-2 times a week when you have time.

N5 Parfum Style Professional Hair Mask is used to cure the hair of root, solve the rough and tangled hair, improve hair strength and protect the hair from external damage. The black beads make the hair smooth, tangle-free, and shiny, with no need for combing.

N5 Parfum Style Professional Hair Mask (for hair in horrible shape) is a very professional product with simple beauty; the unique characteristic of N5 Parfum is the multifunctional and visible effect. The hair becomes moist, soft, and lightly damped with oil to reveal the glossy black and shiny hair effect with effective nutrition treatment. At the same time, it can replenish nine major kinds of vitamins (vitamins A, B1(thiamine), B2(riboflavin), C, D3(cobalamine), E, PP, and H).

Deep conditioner
Enjoy some satisfying pampering with the N5 Parfum Style hair mask. This deep conditioning treatment is explicitly formulated for damaged and brittle hair. The mask helps to give dry or dull hair a full of life feel while helping you prevent further damage. Massage your hair once or twice a week to restore shine and softness, leaving it feeling conditioned and smooth.

Hydrating formula
N5 Parfum Style Professional Hair Mask 750gm is a luxurious hair care product that delivers superior hydration to hair. It is designed incredibly well for those who regularly style their hair with heated styling tools and provides the protection needed to control frizz and breakage. This non-oily and dye-free formula also delivers excellent thermal protection to your scalp.