Aguira Pro Keratin Shampoo 500ML


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Aguira Pro Keratin Shampoo is a caring shampoo that will not make hair dry or brittle due to ingredients such as Sodium, Cocoyl, Amino Acids, and Keratin. The patented complex Paraben-Cystine purifies hair, prevents a beautiful look for 24 hours, and reduces combing by 75%. Parabens are absent from the product, except for two-ingredient derivatives: methylparaben and propylparaben.


This keratin formula corrects and repairs damaged hair while restoring softness and shine. In addition, this special shampoo contains a keratin complex that leaves hair feeling thicker and more manageable. Formulated with aguarana oil,  which restores the keratin balance in the hair; phytokeratin that restrains hair loss; and tea extract, which detoxifies and purifies the scalp.

Highly enriched with keratin, which builds and strengthens hair while delivering vital nutrients required for optimum health to the scalp and hair. Keratin deposits help improve your hair’s flexibility, elasticity, smoothness, manageability, and life.

Nutrient Essentials

Made up of vitamins and minerals that strengthen each strand’s outer layer so that hair behaves as healthy hair should. Antioxidant protection  a blend of ingredients that neutralize free radicals before they cause damage to your cells, allowing for healthier hair every time you use this shampoo.


Aguira Pro Keratin Shampoo uses keratin, a protein that makes up most of the fibers on the surface of human skin and hair. This shampoo is specially formulated with Prohil  Keratin to give your hair a look and feel of keratin straightening without the damage caused by straightening irons. The smooth formula conditions your hair for shiny, healthier-looking locks with no sticky residue.


Aguira Pro Keratin Shampoo  is a super moisturizing, anti-heat styling, and damage-repairing formula that cleanses while locking in moisture and natural keratin. It’s a gentle cleansing shampoo that restores and strengthens softness, shine, bounce, and thermal protection to tired hair.

How does it work for you?

Aguira’s Keratin Shampoo is made with a revolutionary formula that includes Zero sulfate/Zero silicone/Zero paraben, and keratin, which helps repair and reinforce keratin protein bonds in damaged hair. Aguira Pro Keratin Shampoo instantly detangles, smoothes, and softens hair from root to tip. This innovative shampoo will leave your hair feeling amazingly silky with a beautiful finish.


A sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp by removing impurities and product buildup while restoring moisture and adding strength. The high concentration of keratin proteins helps bind hair strands, creating a healthy and robust look while providing a layer of protection against humidity.



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  1. 5 out of 5

    Aimen Afzal

    Aguira Pro Kertain shampoo is the best ever keratin shampoo. The results are amazing.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Sadia Mazhar

    Thank you for delivering my shampoo and conditioner on time.

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