Amrij Hair Fiber (UK Brand)

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Are you looking for a simple and effective solution to thinning hair? Look no further than Amrij Hair Fiber. Promising long-lasting results, this hypoallergenic fiber makes it easy to achieve a denser head of hair without the need for surgery or harmful chemicals. Amrij MPB Hair fiber assists in covering the hair loss & thinning from the scalp, strengthening and thickening the existing hair on the head, promoting a better appearance of hair, Helps provide a healthier, younger-looking head of hair.

What does it?

Amrij’s hair fibers can add volume and length to naturally short or thinning hair. Some of the benefits of Amrij’s Hair Fibers include: Adds thickness and fullness to hair, Minimal application time naturally derived product Adds flexibility and strength to the natural fiber strands.

Natural formula

Amrij is the original UK-made, 100% natural hair fiber product for both hair and beard, offering an affordable premium product in a 30g tester pot. The Amrij Hair Fiber is a silicone-free, easy to apply paste that can apply directly to the hair or beard. Easily brushed through the hair or beard to give instant fullness and added volume. Provides incomparable coverage in one application, from thick and full to longer, fuller-looking hair.

Instant formula

Get luxurious, beautiful hair in just 5 minutes. Amrij Hair Fibres is a cosmetic product that contains keratin protein that helps create thicker, fuller hair instantly. It’s simple to use and lasts as long as possible (indefinitely). With this product, your scalp will feel fresh and clean, while your hair can hold its style longer, thanks to the extra volume provided by the fiber. Amrij Hair Fiber wafts through the cuticles, which stay unharmed by the protein fibers. They bind to your natural keratin, thus boosting your existing hairs’ structure for strength and shine.

Non-greasy formula

Amrij hair fiber is a strong, permanent fiber that adds thickness and volume to thin, fine, or lifeless hair. It’s a non-surgical hair treatment for men and women. The non-greasy formula is applied to the scalp and can be used alone or with other hair systems like wigs to give more fullness and body.

Renew the hair growth

Amrij Hair Fiber is a revolutionary product that allows the user to regrow and renew the hair follicles by stimulating cell regeneration, allowing for healthy and quicker growth. With the ability to get immediate results, it does not take long for one to see their new hair growth.

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