24K Gold Hair Professional Mask 600 gm special Hair care

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24K Gold Hair Mask is a luxury product formulated to penetrate deep into the scalp, leaving hair revitalized and healthy-looking with each use. Formulated with 24K gold powder and other natural ingredients, this organic hair mask delivers a high concentration of nourishing hair-healthy ingredients for your hair to become stronger and healthier. This luxurious gold mask targets dry, dull, and damaged hair to restore luster, manageability, and elasticity while preventing breakages.

24K (99.9%) pure gold, 24-hour heat protection and can be repeatedly used. It is a revolutionary gold hair care product realized according to the nature of hair, allows hair growth, and prevents it from falling off. It 100% penetrates the deepest layer of hair to help reconstruct cell membrane, making hair healthy, blacker, and less greasy.

Its purposes
Our 24K Asiatica Gold Hair Mask is an exclusive product specifically developed to improve hair loss, damaged hair, and other problems caused by the elements (such as sun, heat, and humidity). This 6-in-1 hair mask with a unique blend of ingredients like Peony, Wheatgerm extract, Jojoba oil, Caffeine, and Yucca. It helps fight hair loss, prevents frizz and split ends, and strengthens and protects your hair from further damage due to sun exposure. This product is suitable for men and women who have dry, frizzy, and damaged hair due to outside factors such as pollution or harsh weather conditions.

What does it?
Bring out the best in your hair with a 24K Gold Hair Professional Mask. Its unique formula of Amino acids, proteins, and vitamins will make your hair healthy and shiny every day. It adds life to your tresses, making them strong, soft, and silky. Test results have shown that after one month of use, there is a noticeable difference in the Intensity % of the color of hair treated with this product compared to the control group. 24K Gold is enriched with multiple vitamins and minerals, which helps keep hair moisturized and conditioned, gradually increasing its strength and ability to fight damage caused by external factors that cause dryness like sun exposure or heat styling. The addition of Black Pearl extract increases the shine factor for deep black silky-looking hair. Regular use facilitates better nutrition to your skin, restoring elasticity & suppleness and helping skin look plumper & healthier.

Treat damaged hair
This is a hair mask with a high concentration of 24K Gold. This helps make your hair shiny and long-lasting by repairing the damaged areas of your hair. You may experience hair fall or patchy hair if you have not used any treatment for your damaged hair or have been coloring your hair for many years.