Keune Design Brilliant Gloss Spray for Shining 200ml

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Keune Design Brilliant Gloss Spray for shining on smooth, dried hair. When it comes into contact with the natural grease left by the hair on the scalp, its soft color pigments glow. This shine spray does not contain silicone or mineral oil, so your hair will shine brightly without becoming greasy. Brilliant Gloss is available in several colors to mix to get a warm, natural effect—Keune Design Brilliant Gloss Spray for Shining 200ml.
Our Brilliant gloss spray is an excellent solution for those who want a shiny hairstyle, especially in the summertime. It is easy to apply, and the results are fantastic! This unique product provides styling power with a fresh, wet look and a long-lasting shine. It controls volume and brightness, leaving your hair looking full and healthy.

Benefits of spray
The Keune Design Brilliant Gloss Spray for Shining has been developed especially for sleek, straight hair with a dull or flattened surface. It gives brilliant shine, easy brushing, and excellent hair performance – simply bright!
Let your hair shine! The Keune Design Brilliant Gloss Spray for Shining makes your hair look shiny, healthy, and mildly colored. Thanks to the included UV filter and the intense shine effect of the UV filter – a natural UV filter from rice – it also protects your hair from sunlight, like in sunny regions or at the beach. Use it as a leave-in conditioner through wet hair for a pleasant freshness effect. Spray it on and comb through, put your hair up into a top knot, and you are ready to go.

Colors availability
This is a spray for shine with a wonderfully fresh mint scent and subtle gloss effect. It is the ideal spray for men’s and woman’s hair that has already been colored. Keune Design Brilliant Gloss Spray brings out the color in rich brown tones, making it perfect for blond hair, whereas lighter shades of blonde will become more natural-looking. After application, this spray leaves your hair feeling soft and glossy.

Hold hairstyle

This extremely durable, high gloss spray for shining hairspray forms a protective layer on the hair and protects it against environmental influences. This clear spray also offers a great hold of hairstyles and gives more brilliance to color.

Long lasted spray
Use this spray to create a natural shine or for a wet look. Its action is light and does not leave any sticky residues on the hair. The spray makes hair easy to comb and avoids that dulling effect from gel and hairspray. The result is soft, shiny hair with a structure that lasts all day long.

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