The Loreal Xtenso Rebonding Set for thin and damaged hair works together to smooth your roots to tips without weighing them down. It’s formulated with a powerful UFXTM technology to visibly bring your hair more volume, shine, and manageability. The set also contains a thermal protection spray that strengthens your hair against heat damage and optimizes hold, keeping the style in place throughout the day.

Loreal Xtenso Rebonding Set is a hair care product designed to straighten and smooth hair. The set includes a cream, conditioner, and serum, which are meant to be used together. The shampoo and conditioner are designed to prepare the hair for the serum, providing long-lasting results. Loreal Xtenso Rebonding Set is intended for all hair types, but it is not recommended for use on color-treated hair.

What are the benefits of Loreal Xtenso Rebonding Set?

If you’re looking for hair tools that will help you achieve the perfect style every time, look no further than Loreal Xtenso’s Rebonding Set 2. This set comes with everything you need to get your hair looking its best, from a detangling brush to a Bonding Agent and Heat Styler. The Bonding Agent and Heat Styler work together to create long-lasting curls or waves, while the detangling brush helps to remove knots and tangles from your hair.

Intense result

Get fantastic hair results in just one step with the Loreal Xtenso Rebonding set. Each set includes a single-use treatment for both fine and damaged hair and a different application for the care of your hair between treatments. Hair will feel thicker and stay strong from root to tip!

Home treatment formula

TheLoreal  Xtenso Rebonding Set is a professional level at-home treatment for damaged, weak or dry hair. It contains a Keratin smoothing fluid and activating serum, a treatment that smooths the hair with keratin and protects it with SPF 15. The set also includes a shampoo that maintains the effect of rebounding.


Loreal Xtenso rebonding set 2 products are designed for damaged hair with split ends and hair extension. The kit contains the Xtenso Rebonding Cream, a cream that contains amino acids and ceramide enriched with heat protection to resist thermal damages caused by ironing tools. Heat protection is added to prevent damage from irons and blowdrying. The kit also includes a shampoo, activator, hair treatment, and conditioner. This set helps to revitalize and offers visibly smoother, shinier, healthier-looking hair. Combined with the Xtenso Beauty Hair Dryer or any dryer or flat iron up to 450F and up to 200C, it can provide deep glossy looks and a silky effect.


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