This Lolane 350ml Hair Spray will make your hair look voluminous and elegant. It is perfect to create solid and sleek hairstyles that last all day long. This spray contains a mixture of protein and vitamins, which protect your hair from moisture loss while making it lustrous and vibrant.

Hair protecting formula

This soft-hold hair spray is specially formulated to protect against wind, rain, and humidity while keeping hair shiny and manageable. Hair feels instantly smoother and more accessible to style. It also provides superb resistance against the elements by effectively protecting against frizz and unwanted volume all day long.

Do you want to add some volume or hold to your hair?

Lolane is a light but effective hairspray, ideal for use in all weather. This super-fast-drying formula provides a firm hold backed up by a classic fragrance that will keep your locks looking good as new all day long.

Are you looking for an excellent hair spray?

Lolane is styled like a classic mousse and comes in a refreshing citrus scent. This hair spray provides everyday style, hold, shine, and 24-hr lightweight volume for all hair types.

Lolane creates a professional hairstyle for all hair types, yet it is lightweight and non-greasy. This fast-drying mist provides the perfect all-day hold, which can be maintained by re-spraying before going out.

Hair Spray Sunlight is a soft and elastic hair spray that allows your hair to shine and add natural lightness beautifully. When you are at a special event, this product will make you more elegant, charming, and outstanding.

Long-lasting effects

Lolane  Hair Spray gives hair volume and texture and holds styling. When Lolane Hair Spray 350ml sprays onto the hair, it forms a flexible film on the hair surface that lasts for hours, protecting it from humidity. It protects against solid environmental aggressors such as wind and cold weather, allowing a style to last all day long.

Lolane Hair Spray 350ml is a hair spray that holds your hair in place with a natural smooth finish. It is a water-based hairspray with microparticles that protects against humidity, best for thick and thin hair.


Lolane hair spray is one of the best hair styling products. It comes with a unique combination of features that make it stand out. First, it has a solid yet gentle hold that never leaves hair crunchy or brittle. It’s easy to control without a stiff or sticky feel. Ideal for straight, wavy, and curly hair, this spray is water-based and contains no alcohol, so there are no harsh or drying after-effects like most other products offer. Hair stays soft and conditioned through everyday styling.