Keune Hair Mousse will give volume, strength, and manageability to the hair simultaneously. Defines your style, pushes up the roots, and holds firmly without making the hair stiff. Keune mousse is a light, airy product, and the foaming action adds volume and leaves hair with a shiny, healthy finish. Select your desired amount of padding and then apply evenly to damp or dry hair. Thanks to its creamy consistency, it can easily be used and blended with your fingertips.

Keune mousse gives you perfect hair. A spritz and a tousle, and your hair is full of life and vitality. Now it’s easy to comb, style, and mold your hair exactly as you like it. The amount of mousse you use depends on your style and the size of your locks.

Moisturizer and nourishment formula

Give hair a boost and keep every style firm in place with this nourishing mousse. Hair Mousse 200ml helps to firm up every style for longer. Its flexible hold makes it simple to create great styles that last, while its nutrient-rich formula cares for hair to leave it soft and full of shine.

Discover the secret to styling hair that people can’t help but touch. Infused with moisturizing shea butter and wheat proteins, this mousse helps to achieve a full head of volume with a lasting finish.

Keune Hair Mousse 200ml will make hair thicker, pliable, and visibly longer. The mousse’s patented formula is made with natural raw materials that stimulate the hair root to widen the hair shaft.

Add volume to hair

Keune Hair Mousse 200ml is a finishing mousse for a soft, supple hairstyle. It strengthens hair and gives it volume, and makes it shine. The hair structure is improved and stays in shape, even after washing. Its pH-neutral formula doesn’t build up on the hair, and hair is easier to comb through.

Keune Hair Mousse is perfect for adding volume, creating well-defined and structured hairstyles, and giving moussed hairstyles a more voluminous look. It is delivered in a cream that is easy to apply and absorb. Keune Hair Mousse is available in three different volumes: Keune Mousse for a light moussed effect, Keune Mousse Plus for medium-textured hair, and Keune Mousse Forte for extra-strong styling.

Soft, shiny hair

Keune Hair Mousse 200ml is a perfect styling product for those with thick and oily hair. This mousse helps achieve soft and shiny hair that is frizz-free. It leaves the hair easy to comb, does not build-up, and allows natural movement.

Soft and shiny hair is a dream come true with this mousse from Keune Hair. The light foam provides a flexible structure, while the silicon polymer proteins fill in split-ends and leave it looking lush, shiny, and full of body.