Christine Cake Liner

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It is one of the most common ways of creating a dramatic look for your eyes. Christine cake liner is made with a wax base that makes it easy to apply. Many people love using this product because it allows them to express their creativity through different designs and styles.


This product is perfect for those who want to create a dramatic look for their eyes. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients, so it won’t irritate sensitive skin or cause any allergic reactions. The waterproof formula means that this product will last all day long, but if you decide later on that you want to remove it, wash your face with warm water and soap.


Christine cake liner is a long-lasting liner that is water, sweat, and smudge-resistant for all-day wear. It is stable, easy to apply, and smudge-proof. It is created with smooth, rich pigments which can be blended or worn alone.

12 hours staying formula

Set your eyeliner to last all day with the ultimate staying power of our Christine eyeliner. Designed with a creamy consistency that glides on smoothly, the innovative long-wearing formula provides anti-aging skincare benefits and 12-hour wear and smudge-proof coverage.

Easy to apply

It is straightforward to apply and blend and glide on smoothly for a professional, polished look that lasts. This Christine Cake Eye Liner is a gel-based liner that creates a smooth application with a rich color payoff. The formula glides effortlessly over the skin for a long-lasting look that does not feel dry or cakey.

Easy to carry

the eyeliner is easy to carry around with its small size. It is also capable of waterproof, smudge-proof, and durable design. It’s easy to carry wherever you go. This eyeliner is the perfect tiny essential for everyday wear and can be used as a primer, base, or on its own.


Christine cake liner is light, smooth, and non-irritating. The formula is creamy, glides on easily but dries quickly to a velvet finish without smearing or smudging.

Soft texture

The texture is similar to soft clay, making it easy to apply with a firm brush or even your finger. When applied, the color will set and be completely smudge-proof.

Light coverage

The perfect choice for the natural eye, Christine Cake  Liner is a light-coverage liner that delivers smooth and even strokes. Its creamy texture glides on effortlessly, so you can easily create everyday looks that wow.