Wokali extra care Vitamin E & Keratin repairing Hair Mask 500gm

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Wokali extra care Vitamin E & Keratin repairing Hair Mask has been specifically formulated to nourish and revitalize your hair. Wokali vitamins nourish hair from the inside, strengthening weak, damaged strands and protecting against breakage. Keratin protects against weathering, UV damage, and everyday wear and tear. Give your hair the boost it needs with Wokali extra care Vitamin E & Keratin Repairing Hair Mask.

Frizz-free hair

Wokali Vitamin E and Keratin masks are ideal for nourishing hair, sealing split ends, removing frizz, and creating soft & silky hair with a fuller body. It contains vitamin E, B5, collagen, and keratin. Natural soy proteins deeply condition the hair and scalp to generate lustrous, youthful-looking hair.

Your long locks will be frizz-free, silky, and shiny with extra care from the Wokali Hair Mask. This rich treatment is packed with Vitamin E and Keratin to help make your hair softer, smoother, and more manageable.

Natural ingredients

Wokali is formulated with natural herbal and fruit ingredients that nourish the hair, vitamins, and keratin proteins to strengthen the hair structure. It prevents dandruff formation and scalp dryness, leaving your hair smoother, silkier, and softer.

Wokali is a unique brand of hair care products formulated with natural ingredients and provides your hair with the best nutrition that will build up stronger strength and reduce breakage. This Vitamin E and Keratin Repairing Hair Mask is specially formulated for dry/damaged hair. It is infused with keratin, olive oil, argan oil, grape seed oil, and aloe vera to nourish and repair split ends with intensive hydration, leaving hair soft and shiny.

Healthy and strong hair

The natural keratin and Vitamin E included in this mask will heal, repair and smoothen your hair. This mask is best for damaged or dry hair caused by external causes such as heating, dyeing, coloring, and straightening. It’s effective in strengthening the hair shaft and replenishing your hair’s moisture.

Repairing formula

Say YES to nourish healthy hair with your own Wokali Vitamin E & Keratin Hair Mask. Powerful keratin as a hair repairing ingredient (Hydrolyzed Keratin) makes your hair goes back to good condition and makes it shiny, silky, silky. Wokali Extra Care Conditioners are rich in plant extracts and Vitamin E, and they penetrate the hair shaft to restore the moisture balance, repair damage, and make the hair more supple and shiny. These leave-in conditioners have a softening and smoothing effect that leaves your hair silky, lustrous, and easy to manage.

Deep moisturize

Re-texture and make your hair look fuller with this 2 in 1 pre-shave formula featuring keratin, a protein responsible for strengthening your hair. Combined with Vitamin E for its roots vitality, this mask works on all hair lengths to remove dead skin cells, keep moisture in and create a stronger layer of protection around the scalp. Made using natural ingredients and enriched with Jojoba oil, Wokali’s Keratin Protein Hair Mask leaves hair feeling fuller, smoother, and healthier.

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