Brylcreem Cream controls & stops dandruff by moisturizing the scalp. The non-greasy, light, quickly applied cream is fast-absorbing, helps prevent flaking, and gives a healthy shine to your hair. Brylcreem Cream contains menthol, eucalyptus oil, and camphor to stop dandruff while the menthol cools your scalp. Keeps hair neat and clean looking.

Dandruff reducer

Brylcreem Cream for dandruff is an easily absorbed cream for dry, flaky scalp. The unique formula softens and smooths the hair to look great whether you wear it natural or styled. Heavy-duty but gentle enough to use daily and leaves hair looking like it’s just been cut. So style and realign your way to dandruff-free, healthy hair with Brylcreem Cream.


If you have dry, flaky scalp and dandruff, it’s time to revive your hair with Brylcreem Cream. It is designed to keep your hair manageable and helps remove the dryness of your scalp. It contains a microcrystal complex that moisturizes the entire hair shaft. It, therefore, seals in moisture, thus making your hair soft, smooth, and silky. It does not contain any harmful side effects and is suitable for all hair types.

Anti itching

Brylcreem Cream is the gentlest way to deal with an itchy scalp. It’s smoother and lighter than water and leaves hair soft, manageable, and easy to style. Brylcreem Cream protects against dandruff – it contains an added ingredient with anti-itch properties.


Brylcreem heavyweight cream features an innovative formula that helps to reverse and prevent breakage from dandruff. It delivers moisture and active ingredients through the hair root, leaving it silky soft, manageable, and less prone to future breakage. The unique lightweight texture of the cream also makes it ideal for wavy or curly hair types as it helps to control frizz and keep your styles looking under control all day long.

Dandruff reducer

Brylcreem Cream is a dandruff reducer that helps get rid of dandruff and leaves the scalp feeling clean and comfortable. The combination of oil and emollients in this cream works together to achieve the maximum condition of the scalp, helping to reduce the recurrence of dandruff. This dermatologically tested product provides superior hair control for all hair types.

Miracle cream

It’s been called “the world’s greatest hair lotion” and “the miracle cream.” For generations, it’s been slicked, stiffened, and styled by millions of heads worldwide. Made with a unique blend of ingredients, Brylcreem Cream helps to keep frizz at bay while moisturizing your scalp and nourishing your hair. It contains ingredients that soften your hair and help to reduce dandruff.