Wellice super nourish & moisture repair strengthen Hair Collagen Hair mask 1000ml

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This is a Wellice super nourish & moisture repair strengthens Hair Collagen Hair mask, which helps convenient and beautiful hair. Made from natural botanical forest ingredients material, it is green, fresh, and mild, and it can treat damaged hair, repair split ends, make your curly hair smooth, and minimize frizz. The anti-oxidant-rich collagen also moisturizes your skin and nails and makes you look much younger! Natural botanical collagen material is absorbed quickly by the skin. Suitable for all kinds of hair, black or white hair, dry, damaged hair, and curly hair.

This product–Deep moisture repair strengthens hair collagen mask can keep the elasticity, prevent the problem of black hair, and remove the problem of yellow hair. The performance is good, and the price is reasonable. After using this product, your hair will be smooth and healthy.

Best for damaged hair
Treat your hair to a natural collagen-rich protein-enriched intensive hydrating treatment that repairs damaged hair and strengthens it. Ingredients include moisture plant collagen, making hair soft, shiny, and elastic. A mask that truly compensates for damage from the outside environment.

Contains hydrating ingredients
Purify and prevent damage to your hair with a blend of ultra-hydrating ingredients that work to bring elasticity, shine, and strength to your hair. This unique mask is formulated with coconut milk, vegetable protein, collagen peptide, and arginine to deliver intense hydration to your locks without weighing them down.

Nourishing extracts
A rich hair mask with a patented blend of nourishing ingredients, including collagen, vitamin E, and keratin. The unique formula helps strengthen and repair damaged hair for a complete reconstruction. Apply every few days as part of your regular beauty routine for noticeably healthier-looking hair and scalp.

Collagen protein
Collagen, a fibrous structural protein prevalent in shampoos and conditioners, is responsible for adding strength and elasticity to hair. Collagen works by penetrating through the hair shaft and repairing micro-damages, effectively revitalizing hair from the inside out. At last, a collagen hair mask that penetrates the cortex to transform brittle, weak, damaged hair into soft, silky, more manageable hair.

What is in it?
This product can fully use nourishing and moisturizing natural ingredients and advanced sealant technology. Treat your long beautiful hair like your skin that needs constant care with our unique formula. This formula includes advanced ceramide (building powder), natural nutrients and moisture retention ingredients, and a durable package design to keep your hair moisturized throughout the day.


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