Saeed Ghani Tarchup Herbal Hair Oil

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Add shine and bounce to your hair with Saeed Ghani Tarchup Herbal Hair Oil. It provides nourishment to your scalp and helps strengthen hair follicles. This herbal oil is made of rich oils such as castor, olive, coconut, wheat germ, and sesame seed oil. It also contains extracts of Indian Tinospora and Bhringaraja (Ixora parviflora) that help add sheen to the hair by increasing the blood circulation in your scalp.


Tarchup Saeed Ghani oil is made from the finest natural ingredients, including wheat germ and trachyspermum Ammi, that work to give hair a healthy shine. This herbal oil is meant to be used on dry hair and leaves no greasy residue. The gentle herbs in this product effectively stop hair loss and make it stronger and healthier. Saeed Ghani tarchup herbal hair oil has a fresh, pleasant smell that lasts all day after use. This oil can also be used for massages or to rejuvenate tired skin on your body.”


Experience natural oils’ soothing and nourishing benefits with Saeed Ghani Tarchup Herbal Hair Oil. This hair oil will effectively fight against damaged hair and split ends, leaving your hair soft, silky, and shiny. Amla, Henna, and other Ayurvedic herbs deeply penetrate the hair shaft to protect it from free radicals, while Bhringraj helps stimulate new growth. The result is healthy and revitalized hair.

Anti-hair fall

Try Saeed Ghani Tarchup Herbal Hair Oil on your hair strands and say goodbye to hair fall forever! Once you have experienced the magic of this oil, you’ll be hooked. A blend of pure herbs is used to create this solution for hair loss treatment. It helps boost hair growth, reduce baldness and prevent dandruff effectively. Make no mistake about it – this is an unparallel solution for all your problems related to hair fall.

Boosting the hair strength

Tarchup is a gentle yet effective hair oil that can use on all hair types. It begins its work in 1-2 minutes and keeps your hair oiled and tidy for 24+ hours. It penetrates the hair’s external layer to give it softness and shine while boosting the strength of each strand.

Hair protector

Protect and promote your hair growth with Ghani Tarchup Herbal Hair Oil. This herbal oil strengthens and protects your hair, bringing it to a healthy and brilliant shine. The all-natural ingredients in this hair oil are completely free of alcohol, parabens, or petroleum derivatives.