Pantene Anti Hair Fall Shampoo 360ml

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Pantene Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is a shampoo that helps you get rid of hair fall and makes your hair thick and soft. It reduces the chances of your hair getting split ends, thus making it more robust and longer. The shampoo also strengthens your scalp, which helps prevent dandruff. Pantene Anti Hair Fall Shampoo with a unique blend of herbal extracts and natural conditioners for an effective treatment to reduce hair fall, nourish & strengthen hair from root to tip.


Pantene Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is safe to use on colored and permed hair, leaving it clean and silky smooth.

Pantene Anti Hair Fall Shampoo contains exclusive Pantene formula, which protects from dryness and helps prevent hair breakage.

Pantene Anti Hair Fall Shampoo contains Panthenol which acts as a barrier to protect against moisture loss, leaving your hair soft, manageable, and shiny.

Pantene Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is enriched with Vitamin E, which helps in nourishing the scalp and strengthening each strand of hair without weighing them down.

 Deep Conditioning

This shampoo is formulated to moisturize your hair, restore dry and damaged hair, and prevent dryness and damage. The Pantene anti-hair fall shampoo gives you a natural shine on your hair.

Damage Repair

Damage Repair is specially formulated to repair damaged hair, split ends, and redundancy of dryness. It restores the damage caused by heat tools like blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons. The shampoo also helps repair hair fall as it contains micro moisturizing technology that restores moisture into your hair, making it soft and smooth.

Damage Repair Shampoo has an exclusive formula that helps repair frizzy hair, leaving it shinier and softer.

Fullness & Bounce

  • PANTENE PRO-V Fullness & Bounce Shampoo is a gentle cleanser that gives your hair volume and bounce. It also gives your hair a healthy shine and helps to reduce hair fall.
  • This product is suitable for color-treated hair and all types of hair, including curly and straight strands.
  • The price of this shampoo is very affordable, making it an excellent option for those who want to try out anti-hair fall shampoos without spending too much money on them.


The Pantene Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is designed to nourish your hair and add shine to it. It makes your hair soft and silky. The shampoo helps in hair growth, making it strong and healthy. The formula also enables you to achieve smooth and healthy-looking locks by making them look shiny and bouncy, reducing tangling issues.

The shampoo contains many essential vitamins, which are great for the overall health of your scalp, along with repairing damaged areas of the root area. Being a sulfate-free formula, this shampoo is safe even on colored tresses or chemically treated ones! It has been specially made for people with dry or damaged hair that require special care as yours does!

 Leave-in treatment with a natural blend of Moroccan argan oil and antioxidants helps restore hair and prevent splitting, breakage, and frizz by sealing in smoothness.

A leave-in treatment is a product you apply to hair after rinsing the shampoo and conditioner out. It’s designed to lock in moisture and make your hair look smooth and silky.

In contrast, a regular conditioner is a detangling treatment that you wet your hair before applying, then leave on for at least three minutes as it soaks into your scalp.

You can use both of these products together (or separately), but keep in mind that they have different functions—so don’t use them interchangeably!