Sorbitol Sensi Balance Hydrating Shampoo for  Normal to Sensitive Hair. Enriched with Sorbitol and Vitamin E, our sensitive shampoo for normal hair soothes the scalp, leaving hair balanced and healthy-looking. Try this gentle formula enriched with sorbitol and glycerin if you tend to get irritated or tingly in the shower. This shampoo will help soothe your scalp, leaving it feeling balanced.


Loreal Expert Sorbitol Sensi Balance Shampoo 300 ML is enriched with refreshing mint and a natural AHA, apple vinegar, which helps refresh the scalp, leaving hair unbelievably clean from root to tip.

Best for sensitized hair

Introducing NEW SENSIFIBRE care for normal to oily sensitized hair. The new Sensifibre range from Elvive is enriched with a synergistic blend of plant-based active ingredients specially formulated for even sensitive scalps. This unique daily care program visibly helps to strengthen and balance sensitive scalps by rebalancing the scalp ecosystem and providing lasting relief.

For delicate and sensitive scalps. The hair has the natural tendency to be balanced at the scalp level through self-regulation. The caring formula is enriched with glycerine and respects your scalp’s natural balance and inner strength.

Relief from Scalp itchiness

If your scalp is prone to itchiness, treat it with SORBITOL, a 100% pure plant origin that deeply moisturizes and soothes from within. Your scalp hydrolipidic layer helps minimize discomfort, promotes well-being for your scalp, and leaves it feeling soothed & refreshed. Enriched with Vita Cement + Polyphenols from grape seed extract & Myrtacine TM ingredient to help protect against daily damage.

Get rid of dry hair

Are you looking for relief from dry hair? Then, you will love Loreal Expert Sorbitol Sensi Balance Shampoo 300 ML. This specially formulated shampoo deeply nourishes your hair and provides long-lasting hydration to combat dry scalp. This versatile product is suitable for normal, frizzy, and sensitive hair, and it’s gentle on the scalp and won’t irritate it.

5 action formula

Loreal Expert Sorbitol Sensi  Balance Shampoo 300 ml for the dry, sensitive scalp for long-lasting relief from dry hair. Your hair is cleansed and conditioned without excess oil. Its 5 actions: 1. Sensitive scalp 2. Dry Hair 3. Cleanses   4. Nourishes   5. Moisturizes.

Deep cleanser

This shampoo helps restore even the most sensitive scalps. It features a deep cleansing action that removes impurities, build-ups, and excess sebum, without upsetting the balance of your sensitive scalp. This shampoo leaves your hair feeling clean and soothed.

Method of using

Loreal Expert Sorbitol Sensi Balance Shampoo 300 ML into the palm of your hand and massage it gently on damp hair and scalp. Repeat this step once more. Then rinse your hair thoroughly until all the shampoo is gone.


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