Lolane Natural Keratin Repair Mask – Rejuvenate Hair Damaged From Straightening 200gm

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  • Lolane Natural Keratin Repair Mask: Rejuvenate Hair Damaged From Straightening 200gm is an all-natural, easy-to-use hair treatment for straightening damaged hair. A unique mixture of keratin and amino acids replaces the proteins lost because of over-processing and heat treatments to moisturize the hair, increase elasticity, and improve air circulation around each strand. The result is soft hair straightened with a natural shine that you’ll love.

Keratin effect:

 Divided into many small strands, this innovative protein bonds with your hair to prevent breakage and split ends while making your hair smooth, silky, and shiny. 3D Repair Hair Formula Has been developed to reinforce damaged hair fibers and bring vitality back to dull hair with a unique Amino Acid formula consisting only of high-quality ingredients selected for quality and effectiveness.

Strong hair

Our Lolane Natural Keratin Repair Mask helps your hair regain its strength by effectively rebuilding the damaged keratin from chemical or thermal treatment. Using Lolane Natural Keratin Repair Mask will leave hair healthy, silky soft, and beautiful.

Reduce breakage

Packed with nourishing keratin proteins to help stop breakage, Mend your split ends and protect against future damage. Keratin is a natural protein that makes up hair fiber. Lolane Natural Keratin Repair Mask comprises the highest quality and purest ingredients, including natural keratin. It helps repair damaged hair like actual hair. Its excellent formula is exceptionally smooth, which is also convenient to use.

Restructure the hair

Lolane Natural Keratin Repair Mask is a reconstructing hair mask enriched with keratin derived from natural plant extracts. It fuses the hair to repair damage due to thermal styling, chemicals, product buildup, and pollution. Hair is visibly more resilient and full of shine.


Lolane Natural Keratin Repair Mask is made with the highest quality of natural keratin protein for soft and smooth hair. Each Lolane mask contains organic ingredients that tame frizz and strengthen, repair, and condition damaged hair. The keratin protein used in these masks is from Japan, straight from the beauty institute where keratin is produced. A lightweight formula to be permed at home will not weigh down your tresses or leave any stickiness or residue behind. This innovative Beautilicious product is a must-have for all women.

 Have dull, lifeless, and damaged hair?

 Let Lolane Natural Keratin Repair Mask deliver you brand-new hair! This miraculous hair mask made from 100% natural ingredients effectively repairs split ends and damaged locks in as little as one treatment.


Revitalises, detangles, and hydrates– Restores natural shine, elasticity, and strength– Rejuvenates hair follicles, resulting in more substantial hair growth.



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