Janssen Whitening Complete Facial Kit

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Janssen Facial kits include:

1)  1 x Scrub (50 ml)

2) 1 x Toner/refresher (200 ml)

3) 1 x Cleanser (200ml )

4) 1 x Botanic mask (30 gram)

5) 1 x Massage cream 50 ml

6) Serum impule

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Janssen Whitening Complete Facial Set is a complete set of facial products that will help you achieve brighter and more radiant skin. It contains three products: the Brightening Cleanser, Brightening Toner, and Brightening Moisturizer.

The Janssen Whitening Complete Facial Set contains everything you need to keep your face looking its best. Starting with a deep cleanser, followed by an exfoliator, and finishing with a toner, this set will leave your skin feeling fresh and ready for whatever life throws at you.

Set contain

Janssen Whitening Complete Facial Set helps your skin to get brighter and fairer. It is a complete set that contains the following products:

Janssen Whitening Facial Foam

Enriched with Vitamin C, it cleanses your skin and removes all the impurities from your face.

Janssen Whitening Night Cream

The night cream improves the elasticity of your skin and helps reduce pigmentation. The anti-aging serum helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles, prevents further damage to your skin, improves its texture, and reduces pigmentation. The eye cream moisturizes your skin around the eyes so that it looks younger.

It nourishes your skin deeply and helps you get a healthy glow by removing all the dead cells from your face.

 Janssen Whitening Serum

It works as a moisturizer for your face and keeps it hydrated throughout the day to make it soft and smooth in texture.

Janssen cleanser

The Brightening Cleanser gently exfoliates dead skin cells while cleansing it. It also contains Vitamin C and AHA, which brightens and lightens your skin. The product also contains niacinamide to reduce hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

Janssen toner

The Brightening Toner contains Vitamin C and B3, which helps lighten acne scars, dark spots, and discoloration. It also hydrates your skin, so it feels smooth and soft.

Janssen moisturizer

The Brightening Moisturizer contains SPF15 PA++, which protects against the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays that can cause premature skin aging. The moisturizer also contains niacinamide to prevent hyperpigmentation or dark spots on your skin by preventing melanin production in your body.

Janssen Day cream

The Janssen Whitening Day Cream SPF 25 PA++ has been dermatologically tested and has no harmful chemicals or steroids. The day cream protects your skin from ultraviolet rays, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and makes your skin look radiant.

How to use Janssen whitening facial kit?

It has four steps:

  1. Cleanse your skin with the cleanser, a white cream that you can slather on your face and wash off.
  2. Use the toner to remove any leftover cleanser from your face. The toner also contains whitening ingredients that help reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
  3. Apply the mask evenly across your face and neck using the spatula provided in this kit. Leave it on for 15 minutes while you relax or get some work done, then rinse it off with warm water (don’t use soap!). Your skin should feel refreshed and moisturized after using this kit!
  4. Apply the lotion gently, sweeping over your face and neck, covering all areas thoroughly. This step will make your skin feel soft and smooth.

Results of Janssen Whitening Facial Kit

The Janssen Whitening Facial Kit has a fantastic result. It helps to make your skin brighter, softer, and smoother by removing dead skin cells and blackheads. The kit comes with a facial mask, cleansing foam, and moisturizer that can be used daily.

Jannsen whitening complete facial kit price in Pakistan

Janssen Whitening Complete Facial Set is available in Pakistan at Rs.30,000/-. You can find Janssen Whitening Complete Facial Set at ZARA.PK in low price.

Janssen whitening serum

Janssen Whitening Serum is a fast-acting and affordable serum that helps give your skin an instant glow. It contains 3% hydroquinone, which has proven effective in treating dark spots and discoloration. The formula also includes Vitamin C, which works as an antioxidant to protect your skin from free radicals.

This product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It’s also easy to use: apply it once daily after cleansing and toning. You can use it with your regular moisturizer or sunscreen if desired.

Janssen serum review

If you have been looking for a serum to help you achieve a brighter skin tone, then Janssen Whitening Serum is the right choice. This serum contains all the essential ingredients that help brighten your skin.

Janssen Whitening Serum is a good moisturizer as well. It keeps your skin hydrated and prevents it from getting dry. It also prevents wrinkles from appearing on your face by ensuring that your body’s collagen production stays on track.

The best thing about this product is that it does not contain harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, or mineral oil, which can be detrimental to your health when used regularly over a long time.

Customers reviews about Janssen Whitening Facial Kit

  • Hello, I am Mariyam and I’ve been using the Janssen Whitening facial kit for about two months, and I’m impressed. I’ve noticed some severe skin tone and texture improvement, and it’s been a great experience. The kit has everything you need to get started—you must follow the instructions. The only thing that took me a while to figure out was how much moisturizer to use with each process step. But once I got that down, it was smooth sailing! I’m very happy with this product, and I’d recommend it if you’re looking to improve your skin tone or want something new to try out.

Salaam, SABA here and I have been using this kit for about a week and I already see a noticeable difference in my skin tone! The product smells good, and it does not irritate my skin. I would definitely recommend it to others.”


The Janssen Whitening Complete Facial Set is an excellent product for anyone who wants to get rid of dark spots, age spots, and wrinkles. The set includes a cream that reduces the appearance of dark spots, an exfoliating scrub that minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and a whitening mask that helps to lighten your skin tone. The set also includes a brightening serum that can be used on its own or in conjunction with the other products.

This is an excellent product if you want to reduce the appearance of dark spots and fine lines while giving your skin a beautiful glow. The product is formulated with ingredients like niacin amide, vitamin C, and lemon extracts to help improve the overall health of your skin while treating dark spots. You can use this product daily as part of your routine or once a week when you feel your skin needs extra love!

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