The Framesi heat protection spray is ideal for protecting your skin against the harmful effects of blow-dryers and other hair styling tools. This potent formula helps protect your skin without leaving behind a sticky residue, making it perfect for daily use.

Hair breakage reducer

Give your hair a thermal treatment without damage. This innovative heat protection spray has a fine mist to protect even the most delicate locks, dramatically reducing blow-drying time and protecting against dryness and breakage. It blends invisibly into hair, leaving it feeling ultra-soft and smelling great.

Heat protector

With framesi heat protection spray, you can protect your hair from heat damage. It works after blow-drying, straightening, or curling. It contains UV filters that protect your hair from the sun and extend blonde tones. Heat protection spray, specially formulated to protect hair from heat-styling damage: blow-drying, ironing, curling, and straightening. Apply the heat protection spray before any styling treatment and leave it on for 30 seconds.

Anti split ends

This long-lasting protection spray safeguards your hair against heat and thermal styling without leaving any residue. It gives superior thermal protection with an anti-frizz effect while minimizing the risk of split ends thanks to a UV filter.

Intense heat protection

Protect your hair with Framesi heat protection spray 200ml. Keeping your hair healthy and protected while your style is essential. The Framesi heat protection spray protects your hair from the intense heat of irons, curling, and straightening irons, blow dryers, and hot rollers. It protects your hair from drying out and becoming brittle while preventing it from having an unnatural shine. Your hair is like a fine fabric, delicate and precious. An intense styling session can make your hair practically melt! Heat protection spray, a product with strong repairing properties, gives you total and lasting protection.


Protect your hair from heat styling using this heat protection spray from Framesi. This easy-to-use product provides you with a flexible hold without weighing down your hair, and its formula is enriched with caviar extracts to protect your locks from the heat of styling tools. For best results, use after applying Framesi anti-frizz smoothing cream to hair that is freshly washed and towel-dried.

Shiny hair

The Framesi protected heat spray blocks high heat up to 230°C, allowing you to style hair while protecting locks from the damage caused by hot irons. It is suitable for every hair type; it helps create effortless looks with maximum manageability and shine.


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