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Framesi is a straightening system developed to help stylists achieve perfect results every time. The system uses thermal ceramic technology to protect the hair from damage and ensure that it is left looking healthy and shiny. Framesi is available in three different formulas, each designed for another hair type. Framesi Straightening System for Normal Hair Framesi Straightening System for Fine Hair Framesi Straightening System for Thinning Hair


The Framesi system uses a thermal ceramic plate to heat and straighten the hair. Framesi is a multi-layered straightening system that protects the hair from damage and ensures that it is left looking healthy and shiny.


There are many benefits of using the Framesi straightening system. It is a fast, safe and easy way to achieve straight hair. The Framesi system uses ceramic plates that glide through the hair, leaving it smooth and frizz-free. In addition, the Framesi straightening system seals in the hair’s natural oils, which helps to protect it from damage. The Framesi system is an excellent alternative to expensive salon treatments, and it’s inexpensive and suitable for home use and traveling.


Keratin is one of the essential proteins in hair. It is responsible for the strength, elasticity, and shine of hair. When hair is damaged, keratin can be lost, leading to frizzy, dry, and brittle hair. The Framesi straightening system uses a patented form of keratin called Cystein to help repair damaged hair and restore its natural shine and strength.

 Hydro care

Framesi is a new straightening system that uses keratin and hydro care complex to help keep your hair healthy and shiny. With Framesi, you’ll get salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home. Plus, using Framesi enables you to save money by avoiding the high cost of salon visits.


If you’re looking for a hair straightener that can give you salon-quality results at home, then you need to check out the Framesi Straightening System. This system includes the Framesi Straightening Iron, Hydro Care Complex and Camellia Oil work together to create beautiful, damage-free hair. The Framesi Straightening Iron is designed with powerful ceramic heat technology that quickly and evenly heats your hair. The Hydro Care Complex helps to protect your hair from damage, while Camellia Oil provides shine and frizz control.

How it Works

The Framesi system works with gentle, breathable steam that is emitted from the ceramic plates of the Framesi straightening system. The steam penetrates the hair and smooths out its natural movement without causing damage to the hair. The Framesi system then protects the hair by locking in moisture, which helps retain your hair’s moisture and prevents it from drying out.

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