Flormar Precision Artliner Black

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If you’re looking for an affordable liquid eyeliner that gives you a professional look without breaking the bank, try Flormar Precision Artliner Black.

This product is a liquid eyeliner that comes in black color. It’s designed for precision application and has a brush tip applicator. The formula is long-lasting and waterproof, so it stays put all day long and won’t smudge or run as quickly as other liners. It’s also easy to use, so you won’t have trouble getting the perfect cat eye or winged liner look.


  • Flormar Precision Artliner Black is a black gel liner that provides a smooth, clean line.
  • It’s easy to apply and stays in place for 12 hours.
  • A fine brush tip that allows you to draw thin or thick lines
  • It comes with a sharpener to keep your tip at its best every time you use it.
  • The formula is waterproof and smudge-proof, so you can wear it all day without worrying about any smudges or smearing on your face.

Draw the look you want

The Precision Artliner Black is a professional-grade liquid eyeliner that makes it easy to get the look you want, regardless of your skill level. The tip is fine enough to create thin lines and precise details and thick sufficient to draw bold strokes. It’s made with pigment ink that doesn’t smudge or fade as you wear it throughout the day. And because it’s waterproof, it’s excellent for use by people who have watery eyes or live in humid environments.

Easy to use

It comes in an easy-to-use pen design that allows for fast application without messes or spills—presses the tip against your lash line and draws. The felt tip allows for smooth application and makes it simple to create even lines without skipping over spots or getting too much product on one side.


The product’s formula is waterproof and long-lasting, so you can use it for many hours without worrying about smudging or fading.


This liquid eyeliner is made with highly pigmented black pigments that won’t fade or smudge, even in the heat of summer or during your most intense workouts. The color is rich, dark, and deep without being too harsh or stark.

Contains special pigments

This liner contains a special pigment that allows it to dry quickly and keep its shape so that you can create dramatic cat eyes and winged looks with ease. The brush tip is flexible, allowing you to draw thin or thick lines as desired.