Cover CoCo BB cream 30ml light shade

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When you’re looking for a BB cream perfect for your skin tone, you want something that’s going to be light but not too light. You need a formula that’s going to be able to blend in with your skin tone without making it look like it’s caked on.

CoCo BB cream light shade is the answer. This lightweight, the fast-absorbing formula has been designed explicitly for medium-toned skin. Its perfect balance of redness correction and brightening ingredients will leave your skin looking natural and glowing.

It is a light shade and has SPF 30 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, which means you can wear it every day without worrying about sun damage or premature ageing.

Give full coverage

The cream will give you full coverage and is super easy to apply. Just squeeze a small amount onto the tip of your finger and then rub it into your skin in circular motions. You can even use a brush to get more precise with it.

Cover CoCo BB cream price in Pakistan

The price of this particular product in Pakistan is Rs. 500/- and it comes with an SPF of 30. This product is available online on our websites and can be purchased easily at Zara.Pk.

Cover the scars

This cream helps to hide blemishes and acne scars easily. It also gives an even tone to your face with its smooth texture. You can also use it as a foundation or tinted moisturizer; it depends on how much coverage you want from this product. It does not clog pores as other foundations do, so it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

Cover CoCo BB Cream side effects

CoCo BB cream does not contain harmful ingredients or chemicals that could harm your skin. It is free from parabens and other unhealthy additives often found in other beauty products on the market today. It also contains moisturizers that help keep your skin hydrated throughout the day while giving you an even tone and smooth texture without irritation.

CoCo BB cream benefits

  1. It improves skin tone, giving you a more even complexion and making your face look brighter.
  2. It protects your skin against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, which can cause sunburns and skin cancer.
  3. It helps even out your skin texture, minimizing pores and fine lines.
  4. It can help reduce acne by keeping bacteria from sticking to your skin and causing inflammation.

Cover CoCo BB Cream review

Salam, I am Muqadas.

The CoCo BB cream is a great product. It can be used as a foundation and concealer, but I’ve also found it effective as an eye shadow and lip colour.

I love that this product contains SPF 30, which means you can put it on in the morning and not worry about being exposed to harmful UV rays all day. It’s easy to apply with your fingers or a makeup brush and blends nicely into your skin tone.

It has a light scent of coconut (though not overpowering), which I like because it makes me feel like I’m on vacation when I put it on! Overall, I would recommend this product.