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Our WATSONS HAIR TREATMENT Avocado Mask features an ultra-nourishing blend of extracts and vitamins to instantly replenish your hair with hydration, life, and vitality. Your hair will feel softer and look smoother and shinier. This mask is for every kind of hair and can be used as a daily nourishing treatment or a deep conditioning mask. Sunflower seed oil is rich in proteins that help to revitalize the hair from the roots; Aloe vera extract helps to protect the scalp from UV damage; natural pomegranate enzymes help the hair resist aging, styling heat, and stress; protein-enriched avocado oil deeply penetrates the hair fibers, imparting shine and softness.

Protects the hair in 3 ways :
Replenish moisture and makes dry hair moisturized and sleek. Add life to dull, dry, or brittle hair. Remove scalp flaking, which relieves itching on the scalp.

Healthy and shiny hair
Watson’s Avocado Hair Treatment is a mask enriched with avocado oil that gives you shiny, healthy hair. Scented with energizing Green Tea, the lightweight formula deeply nourishes and strengthens your hair without weighing it down.
This product help dry hair get back to its natural balance and shine. Rebuild damaged hair with its nutrients and mineral ingredients, regenerate dry scalp with its active ingredients such as Avocado extract and vitamins, and bring nourishment to moisturize your rough and dry scalp for healthy hair.

With its creamy, lightweight formula, this mask helps to improve the condition of your hair and repair damaged and dry hair. It also helps to soften and repair split ends. Use after washing with WATSONS Avocado shampoo range to boost the conditioning effect.

Natural treatment
Your hair looks dull and lifeless? It’s time for a revolutionary hair treatment! WATSONS Avocado Hair Mask contains an avocado extract that cares for dry, stressed, and damaged hair. The patented keratin complex, based on the traditional Japanese recipe for treating damaged hair with tofu, repairs split ends and provides extra shine. Our unique Avocado-Lipid Complex penetrates deep into the hair follicles to provide long-lasting nourishment.

Haircare treatment
An intensive care treatment cream to nourish and hydrate the hair, leaving it soft with a natural shine. Enriched with luxurious avocado extract, hydrating Aloe Vera gel, and comforting Cucumber oil, it renews the hair fibre, generating lubrication and nutrients. This formula enhances hair vitality, improving texture, promoting softness and energy to dry and dull hair while eliminating flaking. Hair remains soft, supple, and shiny.

Avocado extract
Watson’s hair treatment mask with Avocado and Olive Oil provides intensive care for dry and dull hair. The mask combines avocado extract, olive oil, and silk protein, and it contains wheat protein which provides nutrients to help detangle the hair. The smooth, silky cream spreads quickly on your hair after shampooing, and it has a mild fragrance and leaves a non-sticky feel.

Best for dull hair
This hair treatment mask contains avocado extract for hair nourishment, giving it a healthy shine. The avocado extract gently works to detangle frizz-prone hair and provide deep nourishment, making it suitable for dry and dull hair.