Vatika Dandruff Guard Cream is designed to help you fight dandruff, but you can also use it for other purposes. It comprises all-natural ingredients that are good for your skin and hair. If you have been struggling with dandruff and want something that will work, then you should try this cream. This will help you eliminate the flakes on your head and leave it looking healthy again.

Vatika Dandruff Guard Cream price in Pakistan

Vatika Dandruff Guard Cream price in Pakistan is almost 1,800 rupees. But you can get it for just 1,580 rupees from our website.

Vatika Dandruff Guard Cream benefits

  • Vatika Dandruff Guard Cream is a unique product that helps you fight dandruff, dry hair and scalp.
  • It has been formulated by experts to keep your hair healthy and shiny.
  • You can use it as a conditioner after shampooing your hair or apply it as a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized all day.
  • Vatika Dandruff Guard Cream is a powerful anti-dandruff solution that protects against flakes, irritation, and itching.
  • It’s specially formulated with natural ingredients such as glycerin and coconut oil to keep your scalp clean and healthy.
  • Vatika Dandruff Guard Cream is non-greasy and has a pleasant fragrance that keeps your hair smelling fresh all day long.
  • Vatika Dandruff Guard Cream is a high-quality hair product that helps you keep your scalp healthy, clean, and dandruff-free.
  • It’s packed with natural ingredients like honey, aloe vera, and herbal extracts that help to moisturize your scalp and strengthen its natural defenses against dry skin and flakes.
  • It’s also infused with tea tree oil to help fight bacteria on your scalp and prevent it from getting infected when exposed to the elements.
  • And if that wasn’t enough, it also contains anti-inflammatory properties that calm irritation caused by overuse of styling products or environmental factors such as pollution or heat.
  • So if you’re looking for a way to tame your wild mane without resorting to the harsh chemicals found in most commercial shampoos (or even worse—a comb!).

Vatika Dandruff Guard Cream review

Vatika Dandruff Guard Cream is a great product. It’s not only affordable, but it works like a charm! I’ve tried dozens of products over the years, and a lot of them have been much more expensive than this one. But they could have worked better and more quickly.

This is an all-natural formula, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals that could irritate your skin. I appreciate it—especially since I’m prone to dryness in my scalp area. The cream keeps my hair looking soft and shiny, with no flakes or flaking! It’s also got a pleasant scent that doesn’t linger for very long after application, which makes me feel like I can use this product on an everyday basis without feeling like I need something else to cover up any lingering smells from previous applications (like some other dandruff shampoos do).

I would recommend Vatika Dandruff Guard Cream to anyone who wants relief from their dandruff problems but doesn’t want to spend a fortune on solutions that don’t work very well or last very long before needing replacement bottles or refills again (which can get expensive fast).

Vatika Dandruff Guard Cream side effects

The Vatika Dandruff Guard Cream is the perfect product for treating dandruff. It has no side effects, and it’s also easy to use. You can apply it to your hair and keep it there for as long as you want.

It’s an excellent option for anyone who wants to treat their dandruff but doesn’t want to deal with the side effects that come along with other treatments.


Vatika Dandruff Guard Cream is the perfect product for people who suffer from dandruff. It is affordable, easy to use and has a great smell. It also helps prevent hair loss and strengthen your hair roots. This cream will leave your scalp healthy and moisturized.

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