Made from 100% pure argan oil, LORYS  Argan Oil Deep Moisturizing Hair Cream works effectively for dry and damaged hair. This hair cream penetrates the hair shaft to deliver moisture and restore elasticity to the treated hair, making it appear healthy and shiny. The natural conditioners in this hair cream help lock in water and restore shine and flexibility to your hair. It is a fantastic nourishing product that helps leave your hair feeling soft, smooth, manageable, and glossy.


Lorys Argan oil deep moisturizing hair cream nourishes the damaged hair giving it new life and shine. The product contains natural and certified organic ingredients. It keeps the hair split ends free, hair damage-free, strengthens and protects your color-treated hair from future damage while smoothening and softening the hair making it supple, lustrous, radiant, and silky to touch.


Lorys’ argan oil deep moisturizing hair cream is made to repair your dry and damaged hair without making your hair oily or greasy, and it also brings out the shine of your hair. This product is enriched with vitamin E, argan oil, and honey extract to keep your hair soft, moisturized, and silky smooth. !

How does it work?

Not only does the LORYS Hair Cream moisturize your hair correctly, but this argan oil-based cream will also make your hair softer, smoother, and healthier than ever before. The protective effect of vitamin B5 protects you from dryness, while the use of argan oil nourishes your hair to achieve that healthy hair look. This hair cream minimizes frizziness and fly-away hairs as it keeps your hair looking smooth, silky, and natural. With the fantastic formula of LORYS Hair Cream, you won’t have to be worried about damaged, fragile, or breakable hair anymore.

An intensive hair cream hydrates care and rehabilitate damaged hair. Preserves the natural elasticity of the hair follicle fibers, reduces hair loss, strengthens hair roots, and stimulates scalp cells to produce new healthy hair. Ideal after relaxing treatment, straightening or perming, and restores a healthy appearance to dry, brittle and damaged hair.

Silky smooth hair

Make your hair silky smooth with this super-rich moisturizing cream that acts as a conditioner, detangler, and serum in one. This delicious smelling, lightweight cream is perfect for everyday use or special occasions – it’s just divine as an overnight hair mask for damaged or over-processed hair.


LORYS Argan Oil Deep Moisturizing Hair Cream (1000gm) will soften and deeply moisturize your hair, repairing and restoring your hair’s natural moisture balance. The conditioner is formulated with natural ingredients, including argan oil, that give you a smooth and healthy mane. It comes in an easy pump bottle for an effortless application. Your hair will appear soft & silky to the touch, but it will also smell great! Apply the product after shampooing onto wet hair. Gently work through to the ends of your hair and rinse thoroughly.