The Keune Design Line Defrizz Serum aims to eliminate frizz and make hair smooth, shiny and manageable. This serum is specially developed for relaxed, colour-treated or blow-dried hair. This anti-frizz styling serum features a fast-absorbing formula. It helps to give you healthy-looking locks with a mirror-like shine finish.

Anti humidity

Along with the main anti-humidity elements of the Design Line, including aqueous/silicone/olefinic polymers, Design Line Defrizz will smooth out any frizz and leave hair more manageable. It will also affect dryness and manageability.

Protector of frizziness
Defrizz is a premium smoothing serum that eliminates frizz and boosts shine. This product instantly makes hair more manageable and more accessible to style. It helps reduce up to 95% of the frizz caused by humidity. And it’s clinically proven to work on most types of hair too. Hair is visibly softer and more manageable, even with moisture.

Shiny hair
The secret of beautiful, frizz-free hair has now been revealed! The Keune Design Line Defrizz Serum is a treatment that gives you smooth and supple hair in no time. Its unique composition penetrates deep into the hair shaft, where it helps to eliminate the highly damaging effects of humidity on your hairstyle.

The Design Line Defrizz Serum from Keune will give your hair extra moisture and leave your locks feeling soft and smooth. This product is SLS-free, as well as colour-safe. It contains a blend of olive oil and shea butter to leave your locks feeling hydrated. The cocktail of botanical ingredients, including cedar leaf oil, hibiscus seed oil, green tea extract, and plant oils, ensures that you can have sleek, shiny hairstyles all day long.

Silky hair formula
Receive long-lasting resilience and smoothness with Defrizz Serum. Made with functional ingredients including Silicium and Proteoglycan, it provides strong hair and helps eliminate frizz for beautifully straight hair and is suitable for dry hair types. The lightweight serum quickly absorbs into the hair to help leave it silky smooth, shiny and pillow-soft.

Pour a few drops of Design Line Defrizz Serum (50ml) into one hand. Take a small amount of the hair between your thumb and index finger. Feel the hair through the serum. Now run your fingers through your hair, starting at the tip and working back towards your head. Repeat once or twice. Once you have finished, divide your hair into sections once you have completed and work through it with a brush. Wrap a few strands around the fingers’ ends to create a curl effect.