Iaifen pro Style Shampoo Anti Hair Fall 250gm


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IAIFEN Pro-Style Shampoo is a total hair treatment enriched with Argan Oil which locks in moisture and nourishes the hair. It also repairs your split ends and protects hair from chemical damage. The protein fortification replenishes the keratin and strengthens the roots, making the hair long, thick and shiny.

Iaifen Pro-Style Shampoo with an aggressive smell and foam provides anti-hair fall nutrients to your hair from root. With Iaifen shampoo, you have a new hair and scalp clean feeling.

Anti-hair fall

Iaifen pro Style Shampoo Anti Hair Fall 250gm for anti-hair fall is the original pro-v formula to nourish your hair. It contains micro-nutrients and antioxidants that strengthen the roots and enhance the shine of your hair.

Iaifen pro Style Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is a high-performance formula that helps reduce hair fall, split ends, and dry scalp. Keeps your hair strong and healthy-looking.

Hair growth booster

Choose the Right Shampoo with the right ingredients if you want to enjoy a whole new hairstyle that adds volume and shine. Anti Hair Fall Shampoos are specifically designed to prevent hair loss and boost hair growth. These shampoos work great in nourishing the follicles and cleaning them by removing harmful toxins and the buildup of dead cells around the skin pores. Get professional style salon-like hair at home with Iaifen Pro-Style Shampoo.

Anti Dandruff

Iaifen Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is enriched with the goodness of protein and zinc, which fight hair fall and strengthen hair from root to tip. This shampoo revitalizes your hair, making it softer, stronger, and more lustrous. ✓Enriched with the goodness of Active Proteins  ✓Revitalizes Your Hair ✓Added Zinc for Better Dandruff Control.

Healthier scalp

Enrich your hair with the goodness of Iaifen Pro-Style Shampoo Anti Hair Fall. It can be not very pleasant to lose hair and see a huge density on the scalp. You can easily get rid of such problems when you incorporate this amazing Iaifen shampoo into your daily hair care regimen. Its unique formula ensures that your hair is well hydrated and nourished from the root to the tip to ensure that each shaft gets adequate nutrition. The special formula comes in handy to make sure that your hair strands are fortified at every step. With this Iaifen shampoo, you can end problems like clogging of pores, limpness, and brittleness.

Soft hair

Say bye-bye to bad hair days. Fall in love with your hair using Iaifen anti-hair fall shampoo. This nourishing and strengthening shampoo is enriched with Argan oil and Vitamin B5, which work to cleanse your hair without losing out on hydration carefully. Result? Happy, healthy, and beautiful hair that stays soft and silky all day long.


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