Gabrini dip EyeLiner Black

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Gabrini dip EyeLiner Black is a liquid eyeliner that can be used to achieve a variety of looks, from subtle to bold. This product comes in attractive packaging with a convenient twist cap. The color is rich and can be used alone. It is easy to apply and lasts all day long without smudging or flaking off.


  • Gabrini dip Eyeliner Black is a gel liner that is super easy to use.
  • Its easy application is excellent for beginners and those who want an easier way to do their makeup.
  • This product has a long-lasting formula that will last you through the day and give you a perfect definition around your eyes.
  • It comes with a smudge tip applicator, making it easy to apply the liner along your lash line.
  • The product can be used on upper and lower eyelids, depending on where you want more definition.


Long-lasting stay

This product lasts all day long! I’ve never had any trouble with it fading or smudging throughout the day. It stays put until you remove it with makeup remover wipes at night before bedtime.

Make eye perfect

It’s perfect for those who want their eyes to pop. The liner has a deep black color that will make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more attractive.

Easy to use

Gabrini dip eyeliner is a long-lasting and easily removable lipliner that can create various looks and effects. Its innovative formula gives the model a soft touch and makes it easy to use.


Gabrini dip eyeliner is a waterproof liner for lining, which combines the high precision of gel liners with easy handling. The specially developed formula contains waterproof pigments and lasts all day long. The matte finish helps to achieve an impeccable result. Due to its lightweight texture and soft finish, this is pleasant to wear. Gabrini dip eyeliner is a fine-tip liquid eyeliner that helps you create a precise, beautiful eye line. It is easy to draw, long-lasting and waterproof. It also has a light texture and a fresh fruity scent.


Lightweight on the skin, the Gabrini dip eyeliner is perfect for making subtle changes to your eye makeup. This waterproof liner features an extra-fine tip for precision and smooth application.

Creamy texture

Gabrini dip eyeliner creamy texture for the perfect definition of the eyes. Delicate and incredibly comfortable on the eyelids, it does not dry out too fast, allowing you to work quickly on the eyelid contour.

Easy to carry

Gabrini dip eyeliner is handy and easy to carry. It’s very convenient for you to put in your handbag or bag. It will bring your beauty much more attention, so please do not miss it.