Give your hair the classy treatment it deserves with this BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Hair Treatment Mask from Schwarzkopf. This hair repair mask is specially formulated to provide deep repair and instant shine. It helps revive dry, damaged, and stressed hair, leaving it looking beautifully healthy and shiny. Formulated with Protein Complex, Alpine Grass Extract, and Seaweed Extract, this treatment mask contains an anti-oxidant enriched formula that prevents oxidative stress and hair damage caused by harmful UV rays.


BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Hair Treatment Mask 200ml. Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Hair Treatment – a set of masks with a unique formula that helps to return moisture, strength, and shine to dry, brittle hair. The mask composition includes vitamins A and E, panthenol, and sunflower seed extract.

Block damage

Try Bc Bonacure Repair Rescue Hair Treatment Mask from Schwarzkopf for intense hydration and shine. This mask is designed for regular and damaged hair types to repair hair and prevent future damage caused by daily styling and environmental debris. The mask will help to reduce any feeling of dryness on your scalp and restore elasticity to your hair, making it more robust and easier to manage.

How does it work?

Repair, restore, nourish and protect your damaged or processed hair with this multi-action Repair Rescue cream. Designed to transform hurt and over-processed hair, it improves elasticity and softness while preventing split ends. With a modern blend of tourmaline, keratin protein, and nourishing oils and butter, including argan oil and jojoba oil, your hair will feel soft, shiny, and bouncy. Use after coloring or ironing for visibly healthier-looking hair.

Multi repair agent

The Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Hair Treatment Mask 200ml is formulated with Bee Wax, Proteins, and Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B). It acts as a multi-repairing agent to protect the hair from weak and dull locks of hair. This miraculous cream leaves the hairstyle revitalized and nourished.

Smooth and shiny hair

This product, Repair Rescue Hair Treatment Mask, makes hair smooth and shiny and alleviates the complexity of damaged hair. The special ingredient of repairing substances regenerates and restores the hydrolipid film of hair from the root to the tip, protecting each strand from withering robust external environment and environmental stress.

Intense treatment

Give your hair an intensive treatment with Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Hair Treatment Mask. This intensive treatment for damaged hair works instantly to give you firmer, healthier-looking hair. The combination of four active ingredients (methaplex, glycerine, bamboo extract, and keratin protein) helps repair damaged hair while providing the maximum shine for healthy-looking, smooth and shiny hair.

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