Dabur Vatika Hair Mayonnaise Repair & Restore Treatment, 500ml

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Dabur Vatika Hair Mayonnaise Repair & Restore Treatment contains pure sunflower oil, butter, and Virgin Olive Oil infused with the goodness of Neem, Tulsi, and other Ayurvedic herbs. It is enriched with Vitamin E. This unique formula acts on all three layers of hair to protect against breakages and intense external pressures caused by styling and coloring. The natural emollients gently penetrate deep into the hair cells, smoothes them, and reinforce the hair shaft, making it more substantial and more elastic and protecting against further damage.

Restore Treatment

Get your hair back on track with Dabur Vatika Hair Mayonnaise. This repair and restore Treatment helps get your hair back to a healthy state, full of shine and nourished from root to tip. Made with natural ingredients that keep the hair’s internal health balanced, the Dabur Vatika Hair Mayonnaise Repair & Restore Treatment is a rich cream that will smooth and protect your strands, leaving them looking and feeling great.

Deep formula

Restore your hair to its best with Dabur Vatika Hair Mayonnaise. It repairs rough, tangle-prone hair, giving you strong, shiny hair like never before. This effective formula contains rich oils such as safflower oil and sunflower oil that provide deep nourishment, leaving your hair strong and lively.


Vatika Mayonnaise Hair Repair & Restore Treatment has been specially formulated to nourish and protect your hair. Dabur Vatika Mayonnaise Hair Pack 8 Benefits Contains three essential oils for dehydrated hair, Nourishes hair shaft with protein, helps prevent split ends, Absorbs sebum, prevents dandruff, lightens and removes yellowing from hair. Mild conditioners soften the hair shaft, making it softer & silkier It Contains Shinchan (Ashwagandha) & Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis). Both herbs help prevent premature greying of hair Helps in maintaining the original texture, color, and youthful appearance of your hair.

Honey and castor extract

Condition your hair with Dabur Vatika Hair Mayonnaise Repair & Restore Treatment, 500ml. This luscious honey-based conditioner combines the goodness of honey and ad castor oil for silky smooth tresses. Save money and the environment by using this shampoo which reduces the number of plastic bottles going into landfills.

Nourishing Treatment.

Treat your hair with the goodness of honey and coconut extracts with this mayonnaise treatment from Dabur Vatika. This hair nourishing treatment is formulated to repair damage caused by frequent straightening, curling, or blow-drying and make your hair look healthy. The mayonnaise-rich yet non-oily texture effectively improves every strand of hair to give a silky feel and a natural shine. It also helps you keep frizz at bay for up to 5 days and tame unruly hair for a well-mannered look.