Gabrini extra black waterproof EyeLiner Pencil

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Gabrini extra black waterproof Eyeliner Pencil is a long-lasting, smudge-proof ,waterproof and extra black formula that will keep your eyes looking just as fresh and beautiful for up to 12 hours. It has a creamy texture that glides on effortlessly to give you a sharp definition, making it perfect for everyday use. This pencil also boasts an easy-to-use pointed tip to get the kind of precision you want every time. No more pulling or tugging on your eyelids.


  • Gabrini extra black waterproof Eyeliner Pencil is a super long-lasting, smudge-proof eyeliner that will keep your look intact for a very long time.
  • This eyeliner pencil comes with an ultra-fine tip and is easy to apply and remove.
  • It gives you the freedom to sharpen it from both ends so you can use it up to its last drop of ink.
  • The formula contains vitamin E, which helps nourish your skin while wearing it all day long.
  • It’s no secret how easy Gabrini makes it to fill in your brows or shape them into place – now, their waterproof eyeliner pencil does the same thing.
  • With its smooth glide formula and precise tip, this pencil is ready to give you perfectly arched brows every time.
  • There’s no need to sharpen it since its waterproof formula stays strong throughout its entire lifespan.



This is a waterproof product, meaning that it will not come off when water comes into contact. This makes this product ideal for swimming, sweating, and any water activity.

12 hours of stay.

It is a waterproof eye pencil that stays for 12 hours, and it is easy to apply with its soft tip. This eyeliner comes in a unique shape, perfect for lining your eyes. There is no sharpening required because of its automatic sharpener at the bottom of the cap.


The smudge-free formula makes this pencil one of the best in the market because it stays put even through heat waves or when you’re sweating at the gym. You don’t have to worry about any creases or lines on your eyeshadow as this product will make sure they look fresh all day long.

Easy to use

This eyeliner pencil is a soft, precision tip that can be used to tight line the eye’s upper lash line and inner rims. It is easy to use, goes on smooth, and dries instantly. It is long-lasting waterproof color and gentle on the skin.